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    search.conduit.com blocking Google , yahoo search engine

    I am frustrated with this "search.conduit.com" . It is getting installed every time without even my knowledge. All of my browser are infected with this conduit.
    Whenever i search in google for something , search.conduit opens up. Please tell me how to get rid of this ?

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    Re: search.conduit.com blocking Google , yahoo search engine

    Dear friend,

    Search.conduit.com is not blocking the Google and Yahoo search engine. In your browser it is set as default search engine. Whenever you search for something, it conducts the search. To remove this search engine, use the following procedure:
    For Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon:
    > go to the settings in the browser.
    > In the search menu, click on Manage search engines.
    > In the Windows appeared, delete the search engine you do not want to use.
    > Make the default search engine by typing its URL into the box and save it.
    > Now you will be able to use your favorite search engine. Also uninstall any search engine extension installed into your browser.
    In Mozilla Firefox, similar procedure is there.


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