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    Solution when Windows Vista automatically starting in Safe Mode?

    I have windows vista PC which is currently starting in Safe mode without my instruction. I have not made any changes to turn my machine in Safe Mode automatically. I have checked in the msconfig boot options, the "Start in Safe Mode" is unchecked. What else I can try to get my system starts in normal mode.

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    Re: Solution when Windows Vista automatically starting in Safe Mode?

    Hi dear friend..............to solve the problem

    press windows key+r and type msconfig in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard ..... then a window will be opened
    In that window first tap on the GENERAL tab and select the NORMAL STARTUP

    after that tap on the BOOT tab and un check the SAFE BOOT option

    after that click on Apply and OK buttons and restart the PC

    after that PC starts with Normal mode

    ALL THE BEST........!!!!!!

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