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    Sub folders are opening in different window instead in the same window

    Hi there! I got a strange problem with my windows 8 pro operating system, as it is opening the sub folder inside a folder in separate window instead of in the same window! I don’t know what had happen to my system, i need to resolve this issue ASAP. Any help on this issue??

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    Re: Sub folders are opening in different window instead in the same window

    Follow these steps to resolve your issue,
    1)Well, it is not a strange issue, it is possible with every windows system!
    2)The possibility of happening this issue is because of two reasons those are:
    2.1)Due to Virus
    2.2)Mostly due to changing folder options by user in control panel
    3)To resolve this issue, follow these steps
    3.1)Go to start screen or metro screen
    3.2)Type in like this “folder options”
    3.3)Now select folder options from the search results
    3.4)In folder options window, click the “restore defaults” button which is at the bottom of the window
    4)Finally click on Apply and followed by OK
    That’s it after doing the above steps your issue will be resolved!

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