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    Is there any way to recover windows 8 release preview?

    tell me is there any way to recover windows 8 release preview as I the windows 8 installed in my laptop is crashed and whenever I am trying to start the windows the windows gets restarted after the booting screen automatically without any message the screen is simply turning black and again the same thing is happening. How can I recover it please give full details as I have my projects save in my desktop and I canít afford to lose it. Thank you

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    Re: Is there any way to recover windows 8 release preview?

    Yes laptop crashed and password recovery are possible in window 8 release preview..

    now you restore the previous window to follow the step
    Open the control panel >> system and security >>system
    by default, system protection is turned on. you can use the configure option to disable ti on trun it on.
    Create a restore point
    In System Protection dialog box, click Create and name the restore point. Windows creates the restore point for you.

    If you donít want to keep the restore point, you can use the Configure option to delete it.

    Restore system from a restore point

    Click on the System Restore button. You can either use recommended restore option or Choose a different restore point option. If you choose the latter, you can select a restore point, and restore the system from there.

    The scanned affected program option allows to check which programs may be affected by the operation before changes are applied to your system.

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    Re: Is there any way to recover windows 8 release preview?

    STEP 1: Click "Run" on your Start Menu.

    STEP 2: Type "msconfig.exe" in the search box and hit enter.

    STEP 3: Tap on the "General" tab. Click "Selective Startup" and tick "Load Original Boot Configuration".

    STEP 4: Restart and Windows 8 CD Boot Menu is returned.

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    Re: Is there any way to recover windows 8 release preview?

    Hi there,
    You just need to repair the OS, insert the Windows 8 disc you have used before to install and follow the steps till it shows the INSTALL NOW screen(Don't select Install now) > selecting the "Repair your Computer" option located in bottom left corner of the window. Now just follow the instructions it will automatically get repaired.
    If the problem persists then repeat the same process but by inserting the Windows 7 Disc. Here after you select the repair option you'll get a popup in there
    select the load drivers option from here you can copy / cut /paste your files that are needed. After finishing that you may install the OS you Desire.


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