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    Unable to connect selected network in windows 7

    I am running a Internet point where I have ten computers. In that,I have installed some with Windows Xp, Some with Windows vista and one with Windows 7. I have two wireless networks on my Internet point. I use to connect in either of one.The computers that are powered by Windows xp and Window vista connecting with both the networks. But the computer with Windows 7 does not connecting with any one of these two. When I tried to connect with the first one, it says that the network won’t connect then I tried with the second one, which says computer cannot connect. Please tell me the proper solution to overcome this.

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    Re: Unable to connect selected network in windows 7

    If the windows 7 is not connecting with the networks then the problem is with WEP security.The network drives will not connect with the Windows 7 enabled PC if it using WEP security.You should change the security.Check the other machines setup of WPA2 security with AES encryption.Then do the same settings on your Windows 7 machine too.If you found the problem not solved,then you should format the machine with the Windows 7 DVD with genuine copy.
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    Re: Unable to connect selected network in windows 7

    dear friend ,
    In this problem may be your internet settings problem please check the settings.
    ->go to start menu .
    ->select control panel.
    ->now click the home networking settings.
    ->here you have to select which type network you use.
    ->that's it now definitely connect the internet in windows 7....thanks

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    Re: Unable to connect selected network in windows 7

    here is my dear friend that you will be able to connect to the internet using your windows 7 pc.
    First of all go to the control panel of your pc.then go to the network settings.
    Then go to adapter settings .
    Then you will see a option seeing wi fi .
    Now use the settings that you are using in your window xp pcs.
    Then save them and try to connect them.

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