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    Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    I am experiencing a problem while connecting the wireless gamepad to windows PC , it shows error "cannt find driver/ install driver".
    Do I have to install any such windows update like this ??

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    Yes you need to install the driver for wireless port in order to connect the gamepad.

    There seems to be no driver for the wireless port present or the driver is corrupt.

    Goto : control panel--system and security--device manager-- in the wireless port/bluetooth , install latest driver by selecting update driver.
    once the steps are employd, there will be issues solved.

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    development Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    Hello Dear Friend ...

    Follow the below process

    You need to connect the Receiver

    While it is recognized ... the game pad itself does not connect

    After pressing button on it the LED would light up once to indicate it has connected

    Go to the Game controllers

    From them you need to set

    It just blinks as it does when no receiver is connected at all


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    cutiepie Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    This mostly happens when the OS is not able to find approriate drivers to install it on your pc.
    Try to run the hardware troubleshooter and check what the issue is and fix it accordingly. Follow the link given below open hardware troubleshooter.

    Open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooter, and then click Troubleshooting. Under Hardware and Sound, click Configure a device.* If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Hope this helps....

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    ghanathey swetha Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    Follow the below steps:
    >>Get Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2 64-bit for Windows

    Link: http://http://www.microsoft.com/hard...g&name=C8G-...

    >>Install it

    >>Find your controller in Device Manager (Either registered as F710 or perhaps Rumblepad2 <but with a yellow triangle>)

    >>Update driver --> Browse computer for drivers
    >>Choose the location "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories" (there should be a file called "Xusb21.inf").

    Note: It may give you some options between xbox360 controller and WIRELESS xbox360 controller. Be sure to CHOOSE NON-WIRELESS xbox360 controller for windows

    thank you.

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    ashu Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    hi, well I'm not sure but you can try these steps:

    1. Go to the control panel.
    2.From among the options, choose system and security.
    3.Then click on device manager.
    4.Now in the wireless port/bluetooth, you can install latest driver by selecting 'update driver'.

    Hope it helps.

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    sumitnath Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad


    unable to connect wireless game pad==========

    to solve the problem follow these steps==============:

    1st====Go to the control panel.

    2nd====choose system and security.

    3rd====click on device manager.

    4th====Now in the wireless port/bluetooth,

    5th====install latest driver by selecting 'update driver'.


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    kalyanipro Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    Hi friend,

    The following is the procedure for solving the problem of unable to connect wireless gamepad.

    At first you have to go to the startup menu.

    Then tap on to the control panel option.

    Now press the system and security option.

    There the option of 'device amanger' is to be selected.

    After that the driver which is of the latest version is to be installed in the bluetooth/wireless port and as it is done by pressing the update driver option.


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    navjotsidhupamal Array
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    Re: Unable to connect wireless gamepad

    My dear friend,

    If you want to connect to the wireless internet then you can search for the wireless networks and then your computer tells the networks which are near about it and you have to select any one from that.

    If your computer satisfies it then automatically internet works you have to set either it is public,home or private.

    Or if your computer does not detect then you have to install the drivers for wireless.

    Thank u!!

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