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    Unable to delete some file and folder in Windows XP

    Hello sir.I am using Windows XP. I am facing a problem in windows XP. I cannot delete some files and folder in XP. I get a File in use message. Sometime I also get an access denied message. So please tell me how remove that problem. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

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    shivam2k6 Array
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    Re: Unable to delete some file and folder in Windows XP

    Dear Friend,

    It appears as if the file and folder you are trying to delete is open in the background or some program in the background is using it.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Scan your system with an updated anti-virus program
    2. Restart your system and then try
    3. If problem still exists then open task manager and check if any similar processes is running
    4. Type msconfig in run window and check services and start up programs

    Thank you.

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    Abiswal Array
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    Re: Unable to delete some file and folder in Windows XP

    Hi My Friend,
    Select the User Accounts option.

    Choose "Create a New Account."

    On the next screen, type a name for the new account. Keep in mind that, while the display name can be changed later, the name of the folder will not be. Click "Next."
    Choose to give the new account Administrator privileges. Click on "Create Account."

    Copy all files, pictures, documents, emails, internet favorites, etc. that you want to keep and save them to the Desktop or the My Documents folder.

    Log off your account.

    On the Welcome screen, you should now see another account. Log into the account you just created.

    Go to the User Accounts menu again.

    This time, click on "Change an Account."

    Click on the account associated with the Owner folder (the one you just logged off of).

    Choose to Delete the Account.

    Select the option to Keep the Files. This is why you saved everything to the Desktop or My Documents.

    Confirm your selection to delete.


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    Re: Unable to delete some file and folder in Windows XP

    well the file/folder which you want of delete might be using some of your resources
    and running background of your system
    if you can check whether that application is running in task bar
    if it is there kill the process and delete hat folder
    it will get deleted .

    if it is not there check whether you have admin right to delete that folder
    if no login to through admin account and delete it

    first hide system files and folder from system folder layout

    sometimes system files such recycler and other files are shown and data of which cannot be deleted

    Hope this help you

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    Mohanbabu Array
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    Re: Unable to delete some file and folder in Windows XP


    For these type of files deleting.. you need to check weather it is OS related file or what..?

    And also check it is unknown mall function or what..?

    Need to run antivirus before deleting if it is virus it will be deleted..

    Then also it's not going to delete sure it's a OS related file..


    Check and perform the task..

    Thank you.

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