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    Unable to open .exe files even in Safe mode

    I recently installed Ad-Aware Pro in my Windows 7 PC. The software recently detected multiple attempts to change the registry. I blocked them. After that the Ad-Watch feature of Ad-Aware doesnít work. I also cannot open any .exe files. I tried opening them in Safe Mode. But it still doesnít work. Windows Explorer icon is also missing. How can I fix this problem?

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    Re: Unable to open .exe files even in Safe mode

    The problem may be due to malware issues. The only way is to restore the system to a point when everything worked fine. If you can, restore the system to a point before you installed Ad-Aware Pro. In some cases, System Restore may not work. If it is so, then insert the Windows 7 boot disk. And do a repair. If that isn’t possible, reinstalling the Operating system is the only way. Enter Safe Mode and insert the disk. Now reinstall the operating system by following the instructions.

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    Re: Unable to open .exe files even in Safe mode

    There is damage in your registry file as the installed program rewritten data over the normal entries and the reagistry fails to find directions to execute normal processes.

    You have either System Restore, or Repairing the system, these two ways to be followed.

    To restore system, click Start--all programs--accessories--system tools--system restore.
    To Repair, insert the windows Installer Disk into optical drive and boot from it, then from the options select Repair.... and windows will self repair, once finished remove the disk and boot normall,

    Things will be back to normal.

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    Re: Unable to open .exe files even in Safe mode

    Hi dear friend....... to solve the above issue simply ....... restore the registry settings that is by following the below procedure

    press windows key+r and type systempropertiesprotection.exe in the run box

    now press ENTER key ......then click on SYSTEM RESTORE button

    then choose the different restore point and click next

    Now finally click the FINISH button........

    and if you are unable to fix this issue with the system restore

    then Go for the repair your computer option that is

    insert the DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC .....and then select the boot

    after at this step click on REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER optoin that is
    0T2Eh.jpg after that follow the instructions and over come your issue

    ALL THE BEST.......!!!!!!!!!

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