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    Unusual opening of Internet explorer in Windows 7

    I am using windows 7 operating system in my PC. I have installed this windows about 5 months before. Initially my pc is working smoothly but later on from few weeks I am facing some unusual problem that whenever I want to start any application in my pc then instead of application Internet Explorer Opens. Why I am facing this type of problem? Please suggest me a way to solve this problem.

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    Re: Unusual opening of Internet explorer in Windows 7

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............................

    1.this can be the problem of the default program.

    2.So to fix this you go to the start menu and then open Control Panel.

    3.Then you click on 'Programs' and then click on 'Default Program'.

    4.There you click on the Internet Explorer and set to default to nothing and save the changes.

    5.If still you have the problem then it can be the problem of virus so install the best antivirus software and then use it.

    Have a nice day.............................

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    Re: Unusual opening of Internet explorer in Windows 7

    **Regarding this problem**

    *you can open your system with administrator user..

    *then update you system ANTI-VIRUS..
    *may be your system affected virus means, it open un-related to the user needed process like IE..
    *and apply full scan in your system.
    *the virus are removed.
    *now you can access only you needed application only..

    *you access limited level of application only one at a time..
    *it may open several application means,it is your unable click or open IE may be.
    *similarly, you can access exact needed application only.

    *suppose your internet connection time,,
    *you can access CHROME..
    *but it possible open IE.
    *that time you can set CHROME IS A DEFAULT BROWSER..
    *once you can set default means..
    *hereafter not open IE.

    it surely help you..

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