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    USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    Facing an annoying problem since a fortnight. After starting,when the desktop icons arrive, the cursor just freezes.doesn't move at all. Initially thought some problem with the mouse,but it is doing fine..i mean after checking with another mouse, the problem persists while the mouse is getting the signal. another problem, when 'm inserting a usb device,it's showing usb device is not recognised keyboard functioning properly. restarted and re plugged all the devices, all futile. cursor just not moving at all.

    cannot fathom out what the heck is happening ! any solutions/remedies most welcome..

    p.s: after the kaspersky anti virus got deactivated, haven't installed any new anti virus totally my fault.was going to install a new one,then this problem arrived.
    pls need help..

    thanx in advance

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    Hello dear dude

    I think it might be the issue of the Any Hardware problem and You must check whether you have Install any Applications recently or not

    There by you can Resolve the issue after Un installation

    See the Issue again you can face the Same issue then you can kindly follow the below Process

    >> First and Fore most thing you will need to do is Click on the "My Computer " under "Start " menu

    >> There you will find a " Organize " option under this you can click on the "Properties " option

    >> Now you can see the "Device Manager " there

    >> After click on it you will find a " USB " driver and Right click on the Driver

    >> It will open a Properties and Check the status

    Thus you can resolve the issue or else you can Format the Entire system

    It will resolve the Total issue

    That is all

    Good luck

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    hello friend follow this steps and find your solution....................1.friest you connect your USB cable properly2.still you problem,so it's a driver problem3.friest you press right click on my computer4.now open manage option5.here you go to device manager6.now click on "mice and other pointing devices".7.you will see your driver8.press right click on this driver9.now click on update driver10.now restart your computer11.your USB mouse will work properly.i hope it will helps you.......................

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    What you are experiencing is a simple issue of corrupt or missing driver.

    1. Install a new driver for mouse in windows XP.
    Click start--control panel--device--mice..--driver--uninstall, and remove the existing driver.
    If you have any driver CD install WinXP compatible driver from that, else,
    Click start--control panel--device--mice...--driver--update driver and install generic driver for mouse.

    2. For USB device errors, same procedure should be aplied,
    Click start--control panel--device--USB Controller--Uninstall,
    Then UPDATE DRIVER and install a generic driver from Microsoft.

    Those actions can fix the whole issue which you are encountering.

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    Hi Friend,

    >>>It can be solved by updating drivers

    >>>Before that control the cursor using keyboard

    >>>Go to control panel

    >>>Then click on ease of access

    >>>Now select ease of access center

    >>>Now go to make the mouse easier to use

    >>>Now check the box turn mouse key and press OK

    >>>Now update the drivers by right clicking on computer icon in the desktop

    >>>Then go to properties

    >>>Now open device manager

    >>>Then expand mouse and other pointing devices

    >>>Now click on it and update the drivers

    >>>Hope so this information helps you

    Thank You

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............................

    1.This can be the problem of the USB port so check it first.

    2.If that is not your problem then this can be the problem of your mouse.

    3.So try to connect it to the another device and check whether it is working or not.

    4.If it is working fine then this is the problem of the USB drivers.

    5.So you go to the Device Manager and then open USB properties and then update it's drivers.

    Have a nice day..............................

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    **Regarding this problem**

    *you can insert YOUR MOUSE TO USB PORT PROPERLY..
    *check you mouse that are work properly..
    *than check your system USB PORT ENABLE OR NOT..

    *right click to my-computer on desktop icon..
    *than choose MANAGER..
    *select device manager..
    **click universal serial bus controller..
    *and right click the USB ROOT HUB..
    *and enable all the USB ROOT HUB..

    it surely work your mouse now properly..

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System


    1. Click Start, click Run,type Devmgmt.msc and click OK.

    2. In Device manager, expand universal serial bus controllers.

    3. Right click USB Root hub and then click properties.

    4. On the general tab, verify that a "the device is working properly" message exists n the Device status area.

    GOOD DAy!!!!

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    Hi Friend,

    >> You are facing the Problem of USB mouse in Windows Xp System.

    >> you have to check the Driver of USB device.

    >> If drivers are installed then they are not working well.

    >> Uninstall the current USB Driver and Install fresh Driver for USB.

    >> Also check the Cable of USB Mouse.

    >> Try to connect the mouse with other System.

    >> Try other USB Mouse in your system.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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    Re: USB Mouse stopped working on Windows XP System

    Hello Friend,

    Unable to work with USB Mouse, just follow this steps ::

    1. Open desktop and right click on My Computer icon.

    2. Select Manage option.

    3. Now tab to Device Manager.

    4. Here select Mine and Other Pointing Devices.

    5. Right click on that and Update the driver.

    6. After updating, restart the system.

    7. Your problem is solved.

    All the Best....

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