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    What does Kakao Talk app will do? How it is really useful in Windows phone?

    I recently came to know about the new app which is introduced in Windows phone Kakao Talk app, What does it do? How is it really useful in Windows Phone? How much does the app cost?

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    Re: What does Kakao Talk app will do? How it is really useful in Windows phone?

    Kakao talk application is a messaging as well VOIP supported calling application.

    THe application was released for the windows phone on june 21st 2012.

    Its similar to other talk application and its notify you as soon as you get any message or voip call.

    ::::Features of kakao talk application::::

    • It is a Cross platform messaging application .

    • Stable service supporting more than 40 million users.

    • You can do Group chat with unlimited number of friends.

    • Supports both horizontal & vertical display mode

    • You can set your own profile photo and can also update your profile.

    • Feature to add friends with their IDs as well as with their phone numbers.
    ............All the best.........

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    Re: What does Kakao Talk app will do? How it is really useful in Windows phone?

    My Dear,kako talk is not a any good app that you want to app store its a talk app it make copy of you want are you saying to this app than it listen the words carefully and repted them . In real it records your voice and present it with motion its don't be good and you may download it in free cost from getjar.com

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    Re: What does Kakao Talk app will do? How it is really useful in Windows phone?

    hi dear,
    KakaoTalk is a cross-platform mobile messaging application for smartphones.
    Apart from its cross-platform abilities, the highlight of the app is its unique ‘Draw with fingers’ feature that allows users to quickly send hand drawn messages to others, available only on the Windows Phone version. The design of the KakaoTalk has been overhauled to suit WO’s Metro look, while it allows group chat with a number of friends.

    KakaoTalk enables users to send and receive messages, including texts, photos, videos and voice messages, URL links and contact information, both on an one-to-one basis and in groups, using the Wifi or 3G network.
    It synchronizes with the user’s contact list so that the user does not have to manually invite friends to use the service. Users can also search friends by KakaoTalk ID without knowing each other's phone numbers.
    Kakao Inc. aims to compete with Facebook and Twitter with its messenger application.

    you can download it for free from internet through the websites given below(a few):

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    Re: What does Kakao Talk app will do? How it is really useful in Windows phone?


    Kakao Talk app is the Ranked No. 1 Free Communication App. It is the new app which has following in a very high range now. It has much Popularity.

    It is used as the Following:
    • Manage the Account List.
    • Free Call Your Friends.
    • Acts as an Account Authenticator.
    • Record Audio.
    • Take Pictures and Videos.
    • Change your Audio Settings.
    • Receive SMS.
    • Full Internet Access.
    • Create Bluetooth Connections.
    • Read Contact Data.
    • Write Contact Data.
    • Read Phone State and Identity.
    • Modify/Delete USB and SD Card Contents.
    • Prevents Tablet and Phone from Sleeping.
    • Retrieve Running apps.
    • Write Sync Settings.
    • Market Billing Service.
    • Optimize Call Quality.
    • Standard Emoticons Evolved.
    • Discover Known Accounts.
    • Control Vibrator.
    User Review:

    5 star 648,561
    4 star 147,611
    3 star 62,350
    2 star 15,318
    1 star 34,110

    Watch this Video,

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    Re: What does Kakao Talk app will do? How it is really useful in Windows phone?

    KakaoTalk is a mobile messaging application for smartphones for OS like iOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.
    And is available in different languages like Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese
    It was released on March 18, 2010 by Kakao Inc.

    With the help of this app one can do group chat.
    Not only that you can customize of background.
    Apart from that other features are Emoticons, privacy protection

    What KakaoTalk does differently is connect itself to a user’s phone number to allow for text chat that looks and feels like SMS, but costs nothing. By using the phone number rather than proxy service, users are able to chat without starting a bloated messaging app.

    You can download KakaoTalk 3.3.0 free from below link :-

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