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    Why Google Nexus 7 not able to connect via USB to Windows XP?

    If i am trying to connect my nexus 7 to PC then only system prompts found new wizard, it is not showing my device on My computer screen. Tried many ways to resolve this issue but still unable to connect. Why am i not able to do this, need help!!

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    Re: Why Google Nexus 7 not able to connect via USB to Windows XP?


    The problem of Device attached to the Windows system not getting recognition may emerge from any or all of the situations as stated below :

    First of all for the systems chestity clean the system with and antivirus software with a thorough ckeckup then try to establish the connection between Windows and Nexus 7.

    Failed, go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device manager > installed devices and check the ststus of Universal Serial Bus settings, wheather the device is marked by any colored scheme with exclamation mark, if Yes, remove the driver installed, and install a new driver by clicking the "Update Driver" option .

    Check the connectors if connected by wires carefully.


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