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    Why the touchpad mouse is not working in my laptop anymore?

    Tell me why the mouse is not working anymore after I have installed windows 8 release preview and then all the driver which I have got at the time of purchasing my laptop in a DVD the touchpad mouse had stopped working please help.

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    ajay569 Array
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    Re: Why the touchpad mouse is not working in my laptop anymore?


    if you have a DELL, then call DELL, it's BROKE.
    You might have accidently turned off the touchpad software or driver.
    Use the RESTORE section of SYSTEM TOOLS in the ACCESSORIES folder of your Program Files.
    Touchpads have a cursor lock that suspend the use of the touch pad but allow you to use a mouse.
    Ensure that the cursor lock is not on.
    That lock is a thin strip just about the touch pad. Usually, it will light up when it's turned on.
    If you have that lock in the off position then I would not recommed that you go probing inside your laptop to relsove this issue.
    You should take your laptop to a qualified tech for repair.
    That laptop has to be disassemble to resolve any physical problem with the touch pad.
    You will overwhelm yourself with all the little pieces of computer parts and create a larger and more costly problem for yourself.

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    Re: Why the touchpad mouse is not working in my laptop anymore?


    In this way of problem is occured when the already some unlock software is installation or some internal problem is arised..

    so,you must follow the conditions are:

    -->Touch pad unuse software is installation then it is not workable

    -->Any internal problem is occured in inside the hard disk drive(HDD).

    -->so,you once check in the nearest show rom and go to the shop to checking them..

    -->In ternal some chips and wires are not passing a power to not working..

    Because to if any worrenty then check it..

    in a DVD/CD touch pad is not workable in this case..

    .l.jpeg..........> Any laptop mouse touch pad...

    ll.jpeg...........> this is internall process to not working to check in service center..

    just do try to once check it...

    Thank You...

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    Re: Why the touchpad mouse is not working in my laptop anymore?

    If the touchpad of your Laptop is not working, then there may be certain reasons for it.

    --> May be the driver has not been installed for your Touch Pad during Windows Installation. If drivers has not been installed, then you can download appropriate driver from the web and install it.

    --> May be the touch pad has stopped working due to dust around it. Just clean it with a lint-free cloth and try again. Hope it will work.

    --> Lastly, your Touch pad may be damaged from inside. In this case, you must refer your notebook to the Service Centre of your notebook's brand.
    They will charge you some money, but if it is within warranty they will repair it without any charge.

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