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    Windows 7 computer is not accessible in Explorer Network

    I have a windows 7 64-bit computer. It is connected to the LAN on my home network. I am the administrator but when i right click on start Menu and opening the Windows Explorer,i am able to many options like Favorites, Libraries, Computer, and Network in navigation pane. However when i click on "Network", it displays the name of my computer but when i tried to open it, it flashes the below given error:
    "Windows cannot access \\MyComputerName\Users

    You do not have permission to access \\MyComputerName\Users. Contact your
    network administrator to request access.

    For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support"
    Is there any fix for this?

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    Re: Windows 7 computer is not accessible in Explorer Network

    This is not a unique problem. So many users faces this issue due to the lack of knowledge. However you can easily fix this issue by following simple steps. Right click on "Users" folder in Navigation Pane under Network. Then navigat to Properties > Sharing > Advanced Sharing > Permissions button.Then go to Share Permission section and click on "Add" button.After that,simply Add your username or the userone of an users who are allowed to access it. It will fix you issue. If you are still facing any issue then fell free to post your query in our forum.

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