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    Windows 7 computer won't sleep

    I am facing this problem right from the day when i upgraded windows vista to windows 7 in my Sony VGN-NW120D computer. When it goes to sleep, it behaves in different manner. The screen turns black but the fan keep running and screen becomes unresponsive. I have downloaded many drivers but none of them has fixed my issue. Do you have a solution for this?

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    Re: Windows 7 computer won't sleep

    First of all check your Power settings.You can do this by Navigating to "Start>>Control Panel>>View by "Small Icons">>Power Option>>Choose what the power button does>>Change plan settings>>Change advanced power settings. Also check the BIOS setting for the power button. It should be something like "Shutdown after xxx seconds". If there is any problem then report to us. Finally run the chkdisk. To do so,open "Computer">>Right click on C drive>>Go to Properties>>Go to Tools>>click on Check Now>>Click start>>Click on schedule disk check and restart your computer. To know the available sleep stats, type “powercfg –availablesleepstates” in command prompt. You can also use some third party utility like System Mechanic. You can downlod it from http://www.iolo.com/
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    Re: Windows 7 computer won't sleep

    Dear Dude ...

    How about you ??

    You can access it from the Powercfg command from the Command prompt

    Type this in the Start menu search box

    Go to the Properties

    Click on the Power Management

    And then you Deselect the Allow the Device to wake up the Computer

    MAKE SURE ALL THE "" WAKE UP "" events are disabled

    Then on the Screen

    Then you will get like this

    Then Click on the SLEEP option


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