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    Windows 7 has stopped connecting to wireless network

    I have recently upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 and I could connect it to wireless network without any problem. But when I turned on my PC yesterday, I found that the system is no longer connecting to my home wireless network. I could not resolve this issue even after restarting the router and the system. Is there any solution available for this problem?

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    Re: Windows 7 has stopped connecting to wireless network

    It seems that the wireless service may be disabled on your system. Enable the service and the n check whether it is possible to connect the system to wireless network. As a first step, press the ‘Start’ button and type services.msc into the start search box. Hit the ‘Enter’ key afterwards and wait until the list of services pop up on the screen. Navigate through that list and locate “wireless zero configuration” option from it. Right click on that option and choose ‘Properties’ from the available menu. After that, you need to set that service to ‘Automatic’ and ‘Not Disabled’ mode. Then, click on both ‘Start’ and ‘OK’ buttons one after the other.

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    Re: Windows 7 has stopped connecting to wireless network


    Make sure your wireless functionality is enabled.
    Most notebooks with built-in wireless network adapter have the option to disable the wireless network functionality to save power.
    Using a button or key combination enables and disables this functionality. Please check your product manual on how to perform this on your specific model.
    Make sure your desktop antenna is properly connected.
    You might be out of range for the signal. Try to reduce the distance between your system and the router or access point, and check again if there is any signal.

    Check if the wireless network card is properly installed:

    Click Start, and next right-click Computer (or My Computer). From the menu, select Manage.
    If prompted, click Continue.
    Select Device Manager on the left-hand side of the window.
    In the list on the right, verify whether there is a device listed as Unknown Device or Unknown Ethernet Adapter next to a yellow question mark.
    If this is present, then the driver for the network card is not properly installed. Please, visit our Acer support site to retrieve the specific driver.
    If you have no unknown devices listed, click the plus next to Network Adapters and verify whether at least 2 devices are installed: the ethernet adapter for wired network, and the wireless network adapter.
    In case the network card can not be detected at all,please contact our Customer Service.

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