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    Windows 7 is Not booting and Startup repair is not Working

    : Hi, i have been using Windows 7 for my Dell Laptop. My laptop is not booting up normally. Whenever, i rebooted my system, i was brought to the screen which shows that there was an error with the last startup and it prompts me to select the option of starting Windows normally, or running startup repair. when, i choose startup repair, it freezes and then i got the standard blue windows7 page. I also tried in safe mode and it doesn’t work. Please help me to fix this issue.

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    Re: Windows 7 is Not booting and Startup repair is not Working

    Yeah, I can understand your Problem. The best way to solve this issue is that, you can do System Restore by which you can make your system to a previously working configuration. Please follow the given steps to fix your problem.
    Step 1: Press F8 during booting up of your system.
    Step 2: Select the Option of Repair from the Menu.
    Step 3: Enter the Administrator’s Password if you gave. Or else it blank by default.
    Step 4: Select System Restore when it prompted.
    Step 5: Just set the Windows back to a point before this problem occurred.
    I hope you can fix your problem with the above steps.
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    Re: Windows 7 is Not booting and Startup repair is not Working

    when i was face this problem.
    i format my c: drive
    and then install the windows....
    my window is running sucessfully..

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    Re: Windows 7 is Not booting and Startup repair is not Working

    To make the Wimdows 7 perform as before, do a Repair Installation .

    Insert the Windows 7 installer DVD into optical drive, and boot from it.

    Select Install now,

    After this number of options will emerge which you need to put inputs into like Getting updates from the internet, date and time etc. which will be required and also at a later point product id may be required input that too.
    All this will re write the Windows 7 and install problematic drivers to make the Windows 7 perfect again.

    All your data, programs installed later , files will be erased.

    This step will help you to reactivate Windows7.

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