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    Windows 8 release preview not showing on screen keyboard

    The windows 8 release preview is unable to start on screen keyboard as when I am pressing windows logo key + U key together the windows still remains idle and do nothing please help as I need onscreen keyboard. Thank you

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview not showing on screen keyboard

    Hi there,
    Your problem seems to have emerged from incomplete installation or defective file settings.

    Assuming you have an original copy of WIndows8 RP, and trying to install from it, the setup process is a simple and smooth one.

    Just keep in mind that you need to set things in custom settings, that is while installation Windows will ask you for all the things you need to install and the setup will be complete will every element present in your OS while running.

    So do a reinstallation with that setting to have total options in your system.

    Also check for the files integrity for a complete installation.

    Thank you.

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    Abhishek Chauhan Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview not showing on screen keyboard


    This kind of the thing happens when you have not installed the OS completely.

    The might be a case where there is some file missing from the OS copy.

    Or while the installation it could not get installed correctly.

    So the best solution is to try to install it again , try to use a different good copy of the OS this time.


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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Windows 8 release preview not showing on screen keyboard

    hi my dear friend.....if you are unable to open with short cut keys ....then go for alternative

    >> first press window logo+r from your keyboard

    >> in that run box type OSK and then press enter to see the on screen key board


    and another way is to ....right click on the task bar and choose properties

    then a will be displayed in that window choose tollbar tab

    then there select the Tablet pc input panel

    and then click ok button

    after...there is a icon will appear on the right side of the task bar

    just click that ..........and see the on screen board

    >>>>>>>>>THANK YOU..............

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