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    Windows hang when opening any drive on HP desktop system

    The HP desktop system which was being used for a long time works fine till I open any drive on the system. Immediately after I open any drive, the Windows gets hung up. How can I solve this issue?

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    Ams Array
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    Re: Windows hang when opening any drive on HP desktop system

    hi, friend..

    >> You have problem with your desktop.

    >> This is most common problem with desktop.

    >> here is your solution:

    > this is mostly done by virus attack.

    >> you need to boot scan your system with good anti virus.

    >> and it may also cause problem if your RAM is not enough for your system.

    >> but as you told before your system is good so this is finally problem of your virus.

    >> just check your you have to format your system .

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the best

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    Re: Windows hang when opening any drive on HP desktop system

    Hi Friend,

    The Problem is related to the Hard Disk.

    >> Hard Disk of your HP Desktop is not working Well.

    >> It might be Internal Read-Write Head.

    >> The Main element of Hard disk.

    >> So check that hard disk is working in other System.

    >> Only you need to check is Hard Disk, Because System Hangs when you try to open any Drive.

    >> Replace Hard disk if possible.

    I hope you will understand.

    All the Best

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    Re: Windows hang when opening any drive on HP desktop system

    dear friend

    this may be due to the virus
    so you have to make your system virus free
    so to solve this problem follow some steps
    1 download an antivirus
    2 then install it
    3 then update the antivirus
    4 now scan all the drives
    5 or run a boot time scan
    6 now remove all the virus
    then try to open the drives

    hope this will help you

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Windows hang when opening any drive on HP desktop system

    Hi dear friend............to get rid of from problem ...follow the below instructions

    first press windows key+E combination and right click on your HOME DRIVE which is usually C:\ DRIVE and choose the PROPERTIES

    now tap on GENERAL tab ......and click the DISK CLEANUP button

    now select the unwanted list from the window and click the OK button ......and next click DELETE ........ and also Do it for all the drives

    after that again go to my computer and right click on C:\ DRIVE and choose PROPERTIES

    now tap on TOOLS tab .... and click on DEFRAGEMENT NOW button ...... then select the DRIVE and click Defragment DISK button .... and wait until the completion of process....and also do this for all the drives

    and also install Good antivirus.........and scan the Full PC

    and click the start menu and right click on RUN and choose RUN AS ADMIN ...... and provide the confirmation

    now type sfc/scannow and press ENTER key .......then if prompt for inserting media ( OS CD/DVD ) simply insert it and complete the Process

    and the completion all above steps.... Restart the PC once......and check again.... and if the same problem exists.... simply restore or Repair or re-install the windows

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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