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    Windows is not showing the thumbnails of programs

    I am a windows 7 user. My windows was working absolutely fine till last week but now it is not showing the thumbnails of programs. Instead, it shows the default icon for pictures like jpg,bmps etc. Do you have any idea about this problem? Do you know,how to solve this?

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    Re: Windows is not showing the thumbnails of programs

    Actually windows always keeps a copy of your program and other data. When you press on their thumbnail, it uses the same copy to open them as quick as possible. It is very similar to the working of cache which is employed in web browsers most often. To solve your issue, you will have to clear the thumbnail database. After that system will create the same again and your problem will be resolved. To clear the thumbnail cache, you can use the disk cleanup. For the same type "cleaning" in the search box and hit enter. Now select the system drive letter from the drop-down. Now uncheck all the entries except thumbnails.After that click on "Ok" and then on "Delete" to delete all the entries.
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    Re: Windows is not showing the thumbnails of programs

    Hello friend...

    It is too easily to show the thumbnails of programs in the windows7..

    Follow this steps:-

    Firstly you press the Alt key then Click the View menu...

    Here you select the Thumbnails..

    Then you show the all the file in the Thumbnails..

    You also Follow this method:-

    Click the Tools menu then Select folder and search options.

    Click the view tab then click the advanced settings tab, very first line shown should be Always show icons, never thumbnails .

    All the Best!!

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    Re: Windows is not showing the thumbnails of programs


    friend i think u have basic problem and that u can overcome with simple way as:

    1. u have window7 and in this OS have some basic change so u like windows XP u can not do it with simple right click and view and its done u have to go to mu computer and at right top side u have small 3 icons among them select 1st one change your View icon and in it u have to select thumnail and u will get ...

    i hope it will works

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