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    Windows XP boots only in safe mode

    I have a PC running Windows XP Professional operating system. When I powered my system recently, the Windows automatically went into safe mode. Since then, Windows opens only in Safe mode whenever itís turned on. I canít find any other way to change this. How can I access the original mode of Windows? Are there any workarounds?

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    Re: Windows XP boots only in safe mode

    If you are facing this problem, then there is no other way but to restore the system. Assuming that you have created a backup, click on Start button in Safe Mode. Now select Programs. Click on Accessories and select System Tools. Now click on System Restore. Select a restoration point when the computer was working fine. Execute Restore and check if the problem persists. It should be fine by now.

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    Re: Windows XP boots only in safe mode

    Once you have reached the point where the system is booting only in Safe Mode, you have very little scope of doing things other than a couple of ways.

    1. System Restore- go to Start--All Programs--Accessories--System Tools, here click on System Restore and follow the instructions like providing a time when there was no issue with the booting and the windows will restore the corrupt system back to that time.
    2. Repair the windows- insert Windows Installer Disk to the optical drive, boot from it, click install now, from the options select Repair the windows and let windows repair the corruption, copy drivers in place of the damaged and when finished remove the disk and boot normally.

    Backup all important data before doing anything as they can be lost during the processes.

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    Re: Windows XP boots only in safe mode

    Reboot your Windows system.

    Press the "F8" key several times as soon as you see the first Windows XP logo appear on your screen as the computer is booting. This will bring up a black screen that displays the "Windows Advanced Options Menu."

    Press the down arrow button on your keyboard to scroll down the list. Select "Start Windows Normally" and then hit "Enter."

    Allow the system to boot. Enter your Windows XP user password (if you set one) and log in as usual.

    I hope this will help you .......

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