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    Worm and registry error problems in windows 2000

    I am using windows 2000 professional from many years. I am using norton antivirus there. Whenever i connect internet,a message flashes which says that a worm has been detected or there is a problem with registry. It suggests me to download registry repairing software. Is there any damage to my computer?

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    Re: Worm and registry error problems in windows 2000

    Don't worry. Your computer is not infected by any kind of virus or worm. Actually it is a some form of spyware or adware which is causing this issue. Many of them are not detected by antivirus programs. To fix your issue,install an anti-spyware software. You can download one free application from www.microsoft.com and spybot-S&D from www.safer-networking.org/en. Just download them and install the software. Once done,do a full scan and remove the harmful programs.
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